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Corporate Wellness, Coaching and Mental Health Platform

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On-demand, localised and personalised tele-mental health and coaching platform
Connect your employees to professional psychologists and performance coaches within seconds. Provide holistic care for everyone in the workforce ranging from groupinars, self-guided tools, to real time video and text therapy, all included.
Effective, data-proven therapy
Improved wellbeing after 4 weeks
> 30%
Improvement in Depression
> 25%
Improvement in Anxiety

Poor mental wellbeing costs you BILLIONS per year

HKD 5.5-12BN
Lost per year
HKD 13000
worth of productivity lost per employee
Negatively affected work
Lose 1 hour of productivity
our solution

Loved by employees

Match a coach/therapist in seconds. Start chatting through text in minutes. Arrange first video therapy within days
Personalised program designed for each employee with regular assessments, exercises and self-guided tools
Scientific and evidence-based methods with regular psychometric assessments
There is something for everyone, with groupinars, self-guided resources, therapy and more
Easy Access
One platform and one comprehensive and professional team, catering for the mental wellbeing of your organisation.
Confidential and Secure
All forms of communication are encrypted and secure. Your information is confidential.
our solution

Loved by employers

Personalised Dashboard
You will never be kept in the dark. Receive actionable insights regularly to bring your organisation to the next level
Measurable ROI
Monitor engagement and utilisation rates. Track clinical outcomes and performance scores. Real data with measurable ROI.
Reduced spending on healthcare
A positive ROI and cutting the costs of healthcare associated with poor mental wellbeing
Increased Productivity
Less burnout, more productivity and able to cope with challenges in the rapidly evolving world.
Reduced turnover
Happier and healthier employees with reduced absenteeism, reduced turnover
Stronger Workforce
Drive your team to their peak performance and unlock their full potential.

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