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Ms. Mak
Hong Kong
I used to feel ashamed of myself, with low self esteem. I felt as if I had achieved nothing my whole life. My friend introduced Soulgood to me. Hannah was always there to listen and support me, and it was honestly life-changing. I have a lot more confidence and self esteem now, and I realised my own strengths and found more meaning in life. Starting therapy was the best decision I've made in my life.
Ms. Lau
Hong Kong
I felt so down, suffocated, hopeless and tired. I tried telling my friends and family but they wouldn't understand. Then I found Soulgood and met Jason. I finally know that being depressed is not my fault. He taught me how to face and overcome depression. He was always here for me, literally in the palm of my hands, just a text message away.
Mr. Wong
Hong Kong
I constantly felt anxious. I couldn't sleep, always worrying about things like work, health and family. I decided to give Soulgood a try. I was matched to a therapist based on my needs and she designed a course of therapy for me to help me overcome my anxiety. The therapy is done online with utmost privacy and security, and I always felt safe. She would check in on my regularly, and was always there for me when I was feeling down.
Ms. Chan
Hong Kong
I've had mood problems for many years, but I never dealt with it properly. I did not want to take meds. Soulgood matched me with my therapist Charlotte, and I realised that my mood problems were associated with childhood trauma. I was always too scared to open up about it. Now I feel so relieved, with a burden off my chest. Signing up on Soulgood was life-changing and I would highly recommend it to all of you.
Ms. Wong
Hong Kong
I was so stressed out at work, and I could not eat at all. Every day was a struggle, and the thought of work was repulsive. I felt like I was getting nowhere in life and work. Luckily, I found Soulgood on a Google search one day. I was matched to my therapist Sam. He helped me realise that I was a perfectionist, which I had never known about. He helped me work on these thoughts, and I am definitely feeling a lot better than I did before.
Mr. Cheung
Hong Kong
My temper was terrible and I did not know how to manage my anger. It really affected my relationships with those around me. I said a lot of things that I really regret now. My wife suggested that I should attend therapy. Soulgood allowed me to have online therapy in my comfort zone. I felt so much more at ease with privacy in my comfort zone. My therapist taught me how to manage my anger. I feel so much better now, and so glad that I started therapy.
Very easy to use! I started texting with my therapist immediately. He was very responsive and understood all my issues! We worked together for a few sessions and I already feel a lot better. Thanks Soulgood! 
Hong Kong
I've had a marital problems for a few years and I felt helpless. I was matched with a great counsellor on Soulgood platform, and my negative emotions were quickly resolved
Hong Kong
There have been a lot of disputes with my family recently, and it is often very hard, and my friends don't really understand. The counsellor was very understanding and helpful. When I am feeling down, I can share with my counsellor anytime.
Hong Kong
I have tried counselling before. Soulgood is definitely more affordable and helpful. Besides the price, the most important thing is that it provides more services other than online counselling, such as text messaging therapy, and I was given mental exercises and monthly progress reports. I'm very satisfied with the service!

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All our therapists undergo strict vetting and training process to ensure you get the best care

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Our mobile app and website allow you to have text and videotherapy anytime and anywhere


90% of our users get better after 4 weeks of use


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You get a personalised care plan with regular exercises and assessment


All our communication is strictly encrypted and confidential

Largest network of qualified therapists and coaches that you can trust

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Therapy anytime, anywhere
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Confidential, secure
Privacy in your comfort zone
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